Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Miracle isn't that I finished. The Miracle is that I had the courage to start!......I am a MARATHONER!

115Th  Boston Marathon Finisher Medal

Wow, long time that I haven't blogged. I got so focused at work and the rush of almost 400 new crewmembers to train with long days that I didn't even remember to blogged. Unnacepatble! Well, let me bring you all to speed. I did my radioactive treatment back in December and got my full body scan and was told by my doctor that my cancer was in remision! Great news in deed. However for a few weeks after, I had the strangest feeling. I guess I was so focused and tired of batteling the cancer that now I was confused on how to resume my life to normal.How to eat normal, how to get back to do all the things I love. It was amazing to see that all the things I craved where no longer cravings, now I didn't even wanted them and actually felt guilty to even eat them. It was like learning how to read and walk all over. Weird but true, then came the survivors guilt. Yes, I did have it. I started to think why I was so lucky while others aren't. That didn't last long, as many people reminded me why. I was a fighter and wasn't going to give up!

As soon as I felt better, I started to swim, bike an run little by little. More running than anything. It was winter in FL and swimming and biking were second on my list unless you like to be freezing cold. Around the February time frame, my coach and friend Beth invited me to run the Melbourne Half Marathon as a relay. I did and felt very good. I was very excited knowing that I was able to run 6.5 miles and feel good. Then my friend Arlene and I signed up for the Warrior Dash (running through obstacles in mud) and that was a great fun time. I realized that I still had it and just needed to put some effort to get to the point I wanted to be.

Warrior Dash 2011- Florida

So, then I enter a contest with my employer. They are one of the sponsors of the coveted Boston Marathon. They wanted crewmembers to write an essay stating why I should win an entry to the marathon. I wrote about my cancer diagnose and how I had to put my Half Iron on hold while fighting cancer. I also explained that one of the things I said I would conquer after cancer will be to complete my Half Ironman as well as a Marathon and a Ironman by 2012 or 2013 (based on my health). Well, I won! I got the Boston Marathon entry. I was very excited and at the same time very nervous. This is the marathon that every runner in the world tries to qualify for and I am in without qualifying. I got because I got cancer. Interesting ha? Well, I got this opportunity so I need to train and go for it. While I started training a very sad family situation came along. I was mentally, physically and emotionally drained already due to my cancer battle and now one more struggle. I got so sad and depressed that I didn't even had energy to train. I decided I was not going to do the marathon. However, the same day I decided not to I got my race number and wave assigned in the mail. I said "this is a sign and I must keep going". However, the race was just two weeks away. I knew I couldn't do anything at that point training wise. I decided to put it in God's hand and dedicate the race to my family in particular to my brother in law. I made a pact with God, I asked him to help my family through the nightmare we are living and to forgive my brother in law for his mistakes. In return, I will take the pain of running my first marathon ever with no training after just finishing my cancer treatment just a few months back. I was asking myself exactly why should I do it and if I should, I knew in my mind that it was the right choice even though I wasn't ready...really!

26.2 miles and still smiling! :)

I did finish and endured the pain. I am a proud Boston Marathon Finisher! I achieved one of my goals after cancer, having a 26.2 miles under my belt. It was God and his will that gave me the strenght to pull through. He was with me along the way. Many times I wanted to quit, many times I cried due to my legs been cramped. I was in so much pain but I had two reasons to finish......for me and for my brother in law. I had many Angels with me along the way. The firsts named Cristine, Vee and Kristie.....amazing ladies. I learned so much from Cristine in just a weekend. I asked God for direction and he sent me an Angel with great direction. A new friendship was born in Boston.

Cristine- My angel and new friend :)

I also met two amazing gentlemen around mile 23....without them I would not have done it either. I wish I had their names but I do have a picture.

My mile 23 Angles

What can I say, Boston was the expererience of a lifetime. I will not change one single part of my entire trip to Boston. This trip was more than running a marathon, it was a spiritual and religious journey. I found more than what I was looking for. Believe me when I say that the 26.2 miles was not the achievement, it was the different encounters that I had with supporters, stories of encouragement, the humbleness of the Boston Citizens, the amazing stories of so many charities and their runners and the spiritual encounter with God and his Angels. I asked God for direction and I was given an answer. I think there is more to come. Blessings :)

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